plenty of advantages:

Start right away

Whether you have a young puppy that needs socializing and are waiting for Puppy Kindergarten class to start, or you just need to get your dog to stop jumping on guests before the big party, private lessons allow you to get working on what you need to.

Work around your schedule

Everyone is too busy these days, so finding time to fit in another regularly scheduled activity (eg. group class) can be near impossible. We offer appointments 7 days per week, 8AM-8pm (7pm start), depending on our availability, so you have the flexibility to fit training into your life.

Customize your training

You're in charge! You get to work on what you need to work on, and ask all the questions you want, when you think of them. No waiting until week 4 of your class for...(fill in the blank). And the location of your lessons can vary based on you and your dog's needs.