Trainer Handling

One of our trainers will handle your dog for you in our group classes.

There are many circumstances where this may be necessary... A common reason is when the owner has a major injury and cannot physically handle the dog.  Depending on the situation, you may need for us to pick up your dog, bring them to class, then drop them off afterward.  If you're able to drive but can't train, this would be a good solution. 

Another reason this may be needed is if there are two dogs from the same family enrolled in the same class (which we try to avoid) and one of the owners is unable to come to class.  

This service must be arranged in advance (at least 1 day notice) so we can be sure to have a trainer available. You can choose individual or multiple sessions depending on your needs (there is no minimum/maximum requirement).

Cost will differ depending on if you are in attendance.  Half of dog training is teaching the owner, so we want to be sure you're learning as well.  If you're not in class, we will include a 15-minute private session upon dropping off your dog to show you what they went over.

Owner not in class = $35 per session (plus transportation fee if applicable)

Owner in class = $20 per session