Extra help

We do everything we can to help make training classes accessible and successful for everyone.

We've had students with injuries and minor mobility issues that needed help getting in and out with their dogs.  Since our home is not handicap accessible, someone (in addition to the teacher) can be here to assist you in getting in and out of class by walking you in, taking your dog's leash, or helping you carry your things in if needed.  

If you need extra help during class, we can either arrange to have an assistant trainer aid you when needed, or you can hire one of our professional trainers to completely handle and train your dog for you during the entire duration of the session.

We do not discriminate against people with disabilities, but we've found that a group class setting is very difficult (if not impossible) for someone who is completely blind, deaf, or wheelchair-bound.  Our Private Lessons would typically be more appropriate, especially if you require professional help (aid, interpreter, etc.).