All of our classes are scheduled on either Tuesday or Wednesday evenings; either 6-7pm or 7:30-8:30pm.

In-person group classes will be scheduled through 2022, but this will be our last year offering them.

We do our best to schedule our classes so that students who wish to continue onto the next level can do so on the day and time they are already used to... You can usually roll into the next class 3-5 weeks following your current class's graduation.

We've had a few groups of students that had the same classmates from Puppy Kindergarten all the way through to Advanced Obedience.  The benefits of this are that your dog is already used to the other dogs in class, you are all on the same page with your training so you can continue to progress with the class rather than start all over with "newbies" (if all students enrolled are returning students), and in some classes where the dogs knew each other (and got along really well) they were able to continue doing free play in Novice Class and even sometimes in Beginner Class.  We also usually get to skip the first night orientation and go right back into working with the dogs.