Training Style

We use up-to-date methods and tools that are in line with today's positive, science-based training techniques.


Dogs are a part of our family, and should be loved and cared for with boundaries and understanding.  Even though some of us look at them as our kids, we know that they are canines that require needs different than our own.  We still believe they should be kept in the house, but not necessarily allowed to sleep in the owner's bed.



We use humane, mostly positive-reinforcement based training methods.  The foundation of our training is "Marker Training".  This is the most popular and most efficient way to train dogs today.  Some schools use a "Clicker" to mark desired behaviors; and while you can use them in your classes here, we don't require it.



No matter what age or level your dog is at, we always try to use the least aversive tools possible.  We start puppies on a regular snap/buckle collar and/or a regular harness, and don't "upgrade" their collars until they are at least 5-6 months old and know the exercises.  We don't recommend prong collars, and we certainly don't require them.  But if that's what you've been using, we will allow you to bring them to class and will work to help you wean them off of it.