Class Details

  • Small class sizes (up to 3-5 dogs)
  • Ample working space
  • Comfortable home atmosphere
  • Faster/further training progression than other schools
  • Personal attention with small trainer/assistant-student ratios
  • Courses can be more personalized/customized for dog/student needs
  • One class is held at a time (you don't have to try to listen over another class)
  • Ample transition times in between classes (students aren't leaving while you're trying to enter)
  • All trainers/assistants are primarily trained by AllBreed North (more consistent instruction)
  • Read through our Class Policies before contacting us
  • Due to COVID; Be able and willing to move onto our online class format, should we need to, due to any possible stay-at-home orders and/or inclement weather - this will help avoid class cancellations 
  • Leave your schedule open for the 2-3 weeks following your scheduled graduation dates just in case there are any cancellations
  • Due to COVID; Be willing to bring only 1-2 people to class per dog (no kids under 10 yrs old as they would require a second adult)
  • Do your best to make it to all sessions of your class, as we typically build on the previous week's skills.
  • Contact us if you're interested, even if you don't see a session scheduled... we may have the ability to add more classes into our schedule.
  • All dogs must be vaccinated for DHPP, Bordetella, and Rabies (at 16+wks old), and have a fecal sample tested recently, before you can sign up for any in-person classes. 
  • You must provide a record showing the (negative) results of a recent Fecal Test before your enrollment request will be approved.
  • Each class has it's own prerequisite and age range, which can be found in their information pages.
  • Due to COVID; All participants need to be prepared to follow any/all current policies (limit 1-2 people over age 10, be able to go to an online format if needed, and sign a video release to be on the webcam in the classroom for our Online Class Audit [overflow] students)
  • Pre-registration and full payment before class is required. Please submit an inquiry, specifying which class you are interested in, and if there is a session scheduled, which date and time you want to enroll in. We will contact you to let you know if there's room and how to complete registration.
Puppy Kindergarten

Socialization and puppy-raising issues are the main goals for this class. Basic Obedience and Manners will be introduced as well.

Learn more about Puppy Kindergarten


Novice Class

Basic Obedience and Manners, along with topics specific to adolescent dogs, are the main goals for this class. 

Learn more about Novice Class

Beginner Class

Basic Obedience and Manners, along with the curriculum from the AKC's "Canine Good Citizen" Test, are the main goals for this class.

Learn more about Beginner Class

Advanced Obedience

Building on Basic Obedience skills and learning new Advanced Obedience skills are the main goals for this class.

Learn more about Advanced Obedience

Masters Class

A light curriculum is being developed now to give us a starting point, but it will be fully tailored to the students that are enrolled.

Page and Class Coming Soon!


Specialty Classes

Other classes are offered occasionally and will be announced as they are scheduled 

(page under construction)