2-4 sessions/day

We train dogs during every interaction we have with them, but on average, we aim to do 2-4 formal training sessions with each dog every day of their program.

We train for quality, not for quantity.  Some dogs actually progress faster with a few short sessions than they would with a marathon of training.  Others could train until they drop!  We try to figure out and do what is best your dog and their needs (while keeping your goals in mind).

No two days are exactly the same.  We teach our own dogs to "expect the unexpected" to a certain degree.  We believe that mixing up their routine a bit from day to day can help them adjust to changes much better than a dog that is used to a rigorous, military-style schedule.  

We like the flexibility to personalize the training and take advantage of opportunities.  Here are some real-life examples:

-  One of our students in puppy kindergarten can't make it to class one night, and we have a puppy here for training that could benefit from the free play with other puppies, so we bring them down for class participation.

-  One of the goals for a dog in for training is to stop begging when people eat, so we arrange to have them upstairs around us while we eat our meals so we can work on it.