Basic Training

All of our programs are customizable, and we aim to make them all age-appropriate.

Our Basic Training program is designed to teach the basics... Obedience, Manners, Leash Etiquette, and depending on their age, even potty/house training and not biting/mouthing people can be addressed.

The older dogs get, the more ingrained their habits are. Behaviors such as jumping or barking can be corrected and/or managed, but the longer your dog has been practicing it, the longer it will take to break that habit. Four weeks is a good starting point to accomplish this in most cases.

Ages: 5+ months old

Length of program: 4 weeks (may be extended depending on availability)

Cost: $100*/Day {$2800* for 4 weeks}  *Plus tax on the boarding portion ($45/night=48.32 with tax)

Deposit required: $400 (non-refundable)


Ready to get started? Submit an application here: Board & Train Program Application (Inquiry) Form


Pricing Chart

Number of Weeks Base Price  Total Price**  including Tax
2 1400 $1446.46
3 2100 $2169.69
4 2800 $2892.93
5 3500 $3616.16
6 4200 $4339.39
7 4900 $5062.62
8 5600 $5785.85
9 6300 $6509.08
10 7000 $7232.31

The amounts shown include the following:

  • Intake meeting
  • Program guide
  • Boarding in our home
  • Training (approx. 1hr/day)
  • Treats during training (unless they have a sensitive stomach)
  • 1 off-site field trip/'outing' per week
  • 1 progress report per week
  • 2 separate private lessons
  • Training video (4+week programs include a personalized video with your dog, otherwise it's an additional $75)

**Total Pricing does not include the prerequisite of an Overnight Trial Stay to be accepted in for a program, your dog's regular food, specialty treats, supplements, medications, etc., or any veterinarian expenses that may come up, nor does it include transportation to/from your home or extra travel required, shipping costs if we run out of food, additional products that may be needed (training collars, etc.), or a personalized training video for programs under 4 full weeks (28 days).

Please excuse any mathematical errors; it was done by hand:-)