2 Weeks

  • Basic Obedience Intro
  • Manners Intro
  • Specific tasks
  • Old habits (2+ yrs)
  • Behavior Issues
  • Aggression

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6 Weeks

  • Basic/Advanced Obedience
  • Manners, etc.
  • Specialized tasks
  • Old habits (2+ yrs)
  • Mild Behavior Issues
  • Aggression

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8 Weeks

  • Basic to Advanced Obedience
  • Manners & Specific tasks
  • Specialized tasks
  • Old habits (2+ yrs)
  • Moderate Behavior Issues
  • Serious Aggression

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Frequently asked questions

No. We hear this from almost all of our clients, but we have never created (nor even seen) a robot dog:-) They are living beings, capable of making their own decisions. Our job is to teach them that it's rewarding to make the 'right' choices in life.

Also, since we use treats with positive reinforcement instead of e-collars, you will not have your dog on a remote control. It will be up to you to establish/maintain a good relationship with your dog, and manage their environment in a way that sets you both up for success. And we can show you how!

It would be unfair and confusing for your dog if you came to see them, and then left them here again. Some dogs have a hard enough time with the initial separation, that it would just be selfish to put them through it more than necessary.

You are welcome to email us to check in on how they are doing. We send you weekly progress reports, and we do our best to post photos and short videos on our Facebook page.

No one can or should promise a guarantee for results. These are living creatures with minds of their own... learning (and un-learning) happen at different rates and we cannot predict how long it will take, but we do our best to estimate, and to be flexible to allow for more time if needed.

We are a professional member of the APDT, which means we pledged to abide by their ethics statement, which reads: “Members will refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training because there is no sure way to guarantee the cooperation and performance of all parties involved and because the knowledge of animal behavior is incomplete.”

Maintenance will be required on your part, and if you don't follow our instructions, your dog's training could slip. It would be unfair for us to offer a guarantee for free re-training of your dog. Upon completion of your dog's initial program, we give you a recommended maintenance schedule based on your dog and lifestyle.

This will highly depend on what you do/don't do. Unfortunately, a trained dog isn't just a trained dog... they require continued training practice, much like certain skills we learn (foreign languages, math equations, etc.). If we don't use it, we lose it. We teach you how to maintain their skills, but it's up to you to practice them.

Most service dogs that are provided by reputable organizations (like CanDo Canines) are raised to be service dogs from a young puppy. All their life, they get socialization and training that is specifically meant to set them up for success as a service dog. Even then, some don't make it to being part of a full-fledged team. Those that do are usually around 2 years old and have an estimated $35,000 worth of training into them.

When we are training your dog, they are usually older and already have bad habits that need breaking, and they are oftentimes only here for 4-6 weeks. We train your dog to the highest level they can reach in the time we have, but they will always require more training on your part than a fully-trained service dog.