Comfort Assurance

We all want training to be the best possible experience for everyone, especially your dog!

Our home environment is cozy and quiet, which provides a more stress-free atmosphere, and allows for the training we do to be the most effective way for your dog to learn:-)  Less stress makes for a better learning environment.

The process of getting into a program is thorough because we screen for candidates we believe would be a really good fit; we only take on a limited amount for training (typically only 2-3 full program dogs) at a time. 

Quality, Safety, and Well-being are very important to us... you won't see more than 8-10 dogs here at any one time.  And if we are taking time off , we shut down, rather than hire outside help (in other words, we [Jake/Jenny] are here for them every night when they stay with us).

To do our best to make sure we are only accepting dogs that we believe can handle staying with us for a prolonged period of time (as well as continue their training journey with us for the following years), we require them to pass an Overnight Trial Stay before you can book your program dates.

Because dogs are crated individually in the bedroom below ours* throughout the day and all night, we require that all dogs be crate-trained.  In other words, they can be locked into a crate on a regular basis and you can walk away without any issues (anxiety, excessive vocalization, etc.) for at least 2-3 hours* at a time during the day, as well as overnight [approximately 10pm-6AM*]. 

[*Young puppies may be kept upstairs in our personal living area so we can do more frequent potty breaks (about every 1-2hrs and overnight, if needed) without disturbing the older dogs]

For the long-term safety and well-being of the dog, we whole-heartedly believe in lifelong crate acclimation... over the years, we have found that clients who are willing to keep up with it are more successful with our training.   

While it doesn't necessarily disqualify you/your dog as a candidate, dogs who have been/are currently/will be allowed to sleep in a person's bed with them (or even loose) at night have a harder time staying with us, and therefore may either not pass their overnight, may not be allowed to finish their program [if it's too stressful for them to be contained], and/or may not be able to partake in Refresher Training stays in the future.

We do what we can to help you and your dog be comfortable with us and our environment, including educating you about the importance of keeping some consistency with your dog:-)