Changes are coming!!

2023 Price Increases and more... thanks, pandemic & inflation!

We prefer to avoid price increases as much as we can, but given the high inflation rate, we have to:-/  Our price increases are always behind the curve because we feel it's only fair to give all of our clients advanced notice. 

The biggest change we're making is that we are shifting most of our focus onto Board & Train Programs and services... (as well as further developing our online-only business, OnDog Training Academy) where we believe we can make the biggest impact to really help more dogs and their owners.

We also whole-heartedly believe in the power of prevention; getting in on the 'ground floor' to give us the best chance to stave off behavior issues in the first place (the best we can - genetics, etc. is something we can't change). We love to mold fresh balls of clay!  

For those reasons, we will no longer be taking on any new Behavior Consultation cases (or doing Private Lessons/B&T Programs to address any serious aggression, anxiety, reactivity, fears, phobias, etc.). 

Our business is in a cacoon (changing, growing, morphing)... We have some exciting things in the works and believe the butterfly that emerges will be beautiful:-)

Our 15th year (2023) will be our best yet!!

All new pricing will be effective starting on January 1st, 2023, as shown below...

Service Current Price 2023 Price

Overnight Trial Stay


40+tax=$42.95 45+tax=$48.32


(select clients, dogs)

40+tax=$42.95/night 45+tax=$48.32/night
Refresher Training


+ $30/training day


+ $35*/training day

Board & Train Programs


+ $45/day = $87.95


+ $55*/day = $103.32*

*Price has increased (on 7/14/22) since the email announcement on 5/11/22

Our Travel/Transportation Fee is currently at $.55/mile, but we will need to change that as well...TBA.  We are also working on making some updates on Deposit amounts and policies.. stay tuned!

We appreciate your understanding and continued support!!:-)