The foundation of most of our training is Marker and/or "Clicker" Training.

The most exciting thing since sliced bread; Marker and/or "Clicker" Training. It is by far the most efficient and effective way to train a dog. It is the foundation of almost everything we do... from socializing a puppy, teaching basic obedience, training a service dog, to treating severe aggression and other behavior issues.

It is uncertain who, exactly invented this method, but clicker training was made popular in the mid-late 90's by Karen Pryor. Hundreds of thousands of trainers and dog owners now use some form of marker/clicker training.

The premise of marker training is that if we use a specific noise or special sounding word and pair it immediately with training treats, the dog will form an association of the two things, and bridge the gap between the behavior the dog is performing and getting rewarded (or reinforced) for it. Timing is of the essence in this exercise, but it is a clear and efficient way to communicate your desires to your dog.

On top of marker training, we include other methods such as luring, capturing and shaping, classical and operant conditioning, counter conditioning and desensitization, and environmental management.

We use the least aversive method possible, and work our way into undesired consequences, or corrections once the dog is proficient with a cue/command. We believe in using fair punishment to help the dog understand what we want and what we don't want.