Please read through our class policies before signing up for a class.

*COVID/2020 Specific



-  Registration and Full Payment is required to hold your place in any class

-  Class fees are non-refundable unless we have to cancel your class

-  We reserve the right to push back (delay) the class start date if the minimum enrollment is not met

-  *We reserve the right to change the class format from in-person to online if and as needed.  Flexibility in this matter is appreciated!:-)

- *NEW this season: You will be asked to sign a video release to allow us to have a webcam in the classroom for our Online Class Audit [overflow] students.  


Class Rules

-  Keep your dog on leash unless otherwise specified

-  Be aware of your dog's actions and/or behavior at all times

-  Always ask before petting someone else's dog

-  Don't let your dog go up to (or go nose-to-nose with) another dog [unless directed to allow greetings]

-  Wear comfortable/appropriate clothes and tennis shoes (not sandals)

-  *If we need to go online, guidelines will be provided before the session


Equipment/Tools Needed (You are responsible to bring)

-  (4-)6 ft. Nylon/Leather Leash (no flexi-leads, long-lines, or chains)

-  Buckle/Snap Collar (and/or Training Collar [eg. Gentle Leader, Martingale, etc. for older dogs])

-  Small, Soft, Chewy Treats (a few different varieties are recommended)

-  {Optional: Treat bag/pouch  (recommended)} 

-  For Puppy Kindergarten: -Quiet Toy (no balls), and/or Bone/chew    -Small dog bed/rug/mat/blanket

-  For Masters Class: -Retrieving Dumbbell (available for sale here)



-  All dogs are required to have the Bordetella (aka "kennel cough") vaccine in order to sign up for any in-person classes, and at least 3-4 days prior to class start date

-  All dogs must be up to date on the DHPP vaccines in order to sign up for any in-person classes... young puppies may be in the series, so long as they get their boosters as scheduled by your vet

-  All dogs over the age of 16 weeks must have their Rabies vaccination (as required by law) in order to sign up for any in-person classes

-  All dogs all required to have a recent Fecal Test showing they are clear of parasites, worms, parvo, giardia, coccidia, etc. in order to sign up for any in-person classes

-  Anti-body/Titer tests may be accepted if approved by your veterinarian due to special circumstances 

-  Please supply a copy of your vaccine records (including the fecal test Results) to be accepted into the class 


Dog Health

-  All dogs must be free of communicable diseases (kennel cough, fleas, etc.) to come to class {contraction does not qualify you for a refund}

-  If your dog is sick or otherwise disqualified from participating, you should still attend your classes without them as scheduled so you can continue to learn

-  In-tact dogs are allowed in class, but you must make sure your trainer knows ASAP (it would also be nice to let your fellow students know)

 Females in heat cannot attend while spotting.  A heat cycle lasts about 3 weeks, but they usually only spot for 1 week.  

-  If your puppy is scheduled to be spayed/neutered while you are enrolled, please schedule it for the day after your class so they have a full week to recover before the next session.  We do not want any injuries, and it's important for puppies to attend every session in their class.

- *If your dog is unable to attend for any reason, you may also have the alternative option to join the ZOOM Meeting online to watch the class from home



-  We reserve the right to cancel and/or reschedule classes at our discretion (usually due to poor weather/road conditions, illnesses, or only 1 student in attendance) 

 *We may decide to move our session online instead of cancelling so we don't have to change the dates of the class 

-  A session cancellation is: not running a class session that was originally planned on from the start of the class.  Holidays taken off do not count as cancellations.

-  Pre-COVID times: Any cancelled class sessions are usually made up the following week (on your regular day & time) and we push the entire class back

-  If there are too many cancellations (more than 3) and there is a scheduling conflict, we will do our best to make it up on a day and time that works for the majority of the class.  *Or again, move it online to avoid this.

-  In the event that we need to cancel a session, we do our best to notify you ASAP.  We take into account how far away our students are coming from and make the call accordingly.  We will call and/or email any/all contacts we have on file.  We usually request confirmation that you received our message.



-  The first session is usually for people only; please leave your dog at home (unless otherwise specified)  {Does not apply to Advanced or Masters Classes}    *We may decide to do the first night online instead of in-person since it's mostly just talking and answering questions.

-  Class session makeups are only done if we have to cancel class.  If you miss a session for any reason, we can not make it up.  However, if you want to catch up with your class, you may purchase a Private Lesson [in-person or online] and schedule it before your next class session (pending trainer availability).

-  Pre-COVID times: We encourage all household owners of the dog to come to their classes, even if they are just watching    *We may limit attendees to 1-2 people per dog in order to reduce exposures

-  If your dog cannot attend due to illness, injury, or otherwise, we highly recommend that the owner(s) still attend class to continue learning

-  Families with children can come as long as they are not highly disruptive.  Also, we require any children under 10 years old to have an additional adult to supervise.  *Again, attendance may be limited depending on exposures risks.

-  Please come to class on time or no more than 10 minutes early.  We care for dogs here, so we want to be sure everyone is put away safely before you arrive



-  Adults over the age of 15 must be in control of the dog (hold the leash) at all times, unless otherwise instructed

-  Harsh handling/corrections and/or yelling at and/or hitting your dog will not be tolerated at AllBreed North.  You may be asked to leave if you are inappropriate and you will not be refunded anything.

-  If you don't have someone to handle your dog in class, you may arrange to hire one of our professional trainers to do it for an additional fee.  Please let us know ASAP so we can schedule someone to be here (and/or to pick up and drop off your dog for an additional fee).



-  We train in/out of our home... please do not come without scheduling an appointment with us (even if you just want to drop off your money)

-  A trainer/assistant will be watching for students to arrive, and if able, will greet you at the front door (or in the front yard).  If they are in the classroom, they can wave you in through the window.  Please avoid ringing the doorbell (or knocking on the door unless absolutely necessary), as it gets all the dogs that are staying with us riled up and barking.  

-  Please park in our driveway or on the side of the street.  Please do not drive on our lawn

-  Please keep your shoes on when you come inside

-  Please be respectful of our property and belongings, as well as your fellow students' property and belongings

-  Our address is: 7324 Rolling Meadows Circle, Pine City, MN 55063  (We are located off of HWY 70 in Rock Creek)


Retail Sales

-  We offer a few products for purchase during your class time (you can purchase right before and/or after class)

-  Taxes included in all product prices

-  All Sales are final