Thank you Rogues!

We are grateful to the members of the Rogue Ringsport Club, and the entire Mondioring community!

Jake has been a member of the club since 2008... 2 years before we even had a dog to train in ringsports. Consisting of mostly Belgian Malinois, the club has historically focused primarily on Mondioring and French Ring. These are protection sports that look similar to the training that police and military working dogs would participate in. In the past few years, they have broadened their focus to traditional obedience and agility, among other dog sports. Even though they aren't currently accepting any new members, this club includes some of the most dedicated dog trainers we have ever seen. They allow us to bring in some of our board & train dogs to train with them... beneficial for us and for their own dogs! We get a safe, controlled environment to work with the dogs that come in for training, and they get to have their dogs train around a new dog that doesn't look like them.

Mondioring in particular has done so much for us. We have learned so much about dog behavior and training through the advanced exercises required to compete in the sport. It has made us better trainers in so many different ways. It has also done a lot for us personally... we were given opportunities to travel the country for various trials and seminars, as well as the rare chance to compete in the World Championship in Italy, in Sept. 2014. Not long after returning from Italy, we discovered a large tumor on the dog we had traveled with, and by the end of December, we had lost him to bone cancer. The Mondioring community pulled together and helped us with some of the expenses, as well as give us the emotional support we needed to get through such a difficult time. We will be forever grateful, and a loyal lover of this sport, and the organization that has given us so much!