Custom Programs

While all of our programs are customizable, some people require a more tailor-made program than the traditional obedience and manners.

Serious behavior issues, service dog skills, and other specialty training are all good examples for requiring a custom program.

Other times, it's the length of program that is required for the people's sake, that determines what is trained. People going through an illness or injury, a deployment, or a major loss sometimes choose to send their dog for a board & train program since they'll be unable to work with their dogs during that time.

Ages: any

Length of program: 2 week minimum; maximum length will depend on availability

Cost: $70/Day per dog  [pricing effective for programs starting after May 1, '19]

Deposit required: $100/2 weeks of program anticipated (non-refundable)


Ready to get started? Submit an application here: Board & Train Program Application (Inquiry) Form