Puppy Head-Start

Young puppies go through many different developmental stages in a short period of time... Make sure they get the best start possible!!

Our Puppy Head-Start program was developed especially with young puppies in mind. They need adequate and proper socialization to become well adjusted adults. They also have smaller bladders and they will need to go out more frequently, so crate training, potty training, and environmental management will be a big part of this program.

All of our programs are customizable, but generally we introduce basic obedience concepts such as: responding to their name, Sit, Down, Come, Wait, Release, etc. We work on manners such as: biting/mouthing, jumping, chewing, etc. And we work on leash etiquette.

Ages: 2-3 months (8-12 weeks)

Length of program: 2 weeks (may be extended depending on availability)

Cost: $70/Day {$980 for 2 weeks} [pricing effective for programs starting after May 1, '19]

Deposit required: $100 (non-refundable)


Ready to get started? Submit an application here: Board & Train Program Application (Inquiry) Form