Step 2

Full Program

Our Board & Train Programs start at 2 weeks in length. Your dog stays with us to be trained for the duration of the program.

Depending on our availability and the time of year, we can usually be pretty flexible about the length and dates of your dog's program.  However, we do have a minimum program length of 6 weeks for any serious behavior issues (8 weeks for fear/aggression).  If you are unsure about how long of a program you should choose, we can help make a recommendation once we do the overnight trial stay.

There are a couple of ways we typically plan our board & train programs that depend on your preferences, goals, budget, time constraints, etc, and our schedule/availability... (time-oriented and goal-oriented)

The first way is that we set a definite program length from the beginning and stick to it.  Wherever the dog is in their training at the end of that time is where we leave off at.  You can send your dog back to us again at a later date to either freshen up their training, or advance their skills to the next level.

The second way is that we would set an initial expected program length, then (as long as we have the availability) extend their program-as needed-until your goals are met.  We keep in touch with you about where their progress is (and we can make a recommendation based on our observations), and you ultimately make the decision about whether to extend their program, and for how long.