Comfort Assurance

We do what we can to assure that both you and your dog will be comfortable

For you, we offer the option to schedule a visit separately from the overnight trial stay, so that you can come see our place and meet us before you commit to leaving your dog here for a night. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible.

For your dog, we have them spend one night with us to try us out ("Overnight Trial Stay"). We've found that dogs are usually more comfortable coming back for their program when they've been here before. Less stress makes for a better learning environment.

We require a one-night trial stay for a number of reasons. Mostly, it's for everyone's peace of mind. It takes away the fear of the unknown for all parties; you know where your dog will be staying (and who with), your dog knows us and has an idea of the routine, and we know that your dog will be ok to stay here happily and safely.

Because of our setup, we are somewhat limited to the dogs we can take in for training. We need to keep a quiet house as much as possible because we hold group classes, do office work, and most importantly...sleep here. We also have the dogs stay in wire crates (like our own dogs do), instead of having big cement kennels with runs. We've had some escape artists in the past, and we just don't feel safe with the possible injuries from that.