Uniform Pricing

We charge the same price for every dog, every day.

No matter how long the program is, how many dogs you are enrolling, or what the age of the dog is, we charge the same amount {$70*/Day, per dog}. This makes it easier to be flexible with days and keep it fair for all families.

We don't charge extra for young puppies, because we believe you'll continue to return for refresher training and more full programs for the entire life of the dog. We provide you with a recommended maintenance schedule following your initial program, and we hope that you'll follow it:-)

$40/night {Plus tax} + $30/day {untaxed}  =  $72.95/Day

Overnight Trial Stays will be $40+tax, which comes out to be $42.95.


Pricing Chart

Number of Weeks Price before tax Total Price including Tax
2 980 $1021.30
3 1470 $1531.95
4 1960 $2042.60
5 2450 $2553.25
6 2940 $3063.90
7 3430 $3574.55
8 3920 $4085.20
9 4410 $4595.85
10 4900 $5106.50

The amounts shown include the following:

  • Intake meeting
  • Program guide
  • Boarding in our home
  • Training (approx. 1hr/day)
  • Treats during training (unless they have a sensitive stomach)
  • 1 off-site field trip/'outing' per week
  • 1 progress report per week
  • 2 separate private lessons
  • Training video (4+week programs include a personalized video with your dog, otherwise it's an additional $55)

Pricing does not include your dog's regular food, specialty treats, supplements, medications, etc. or any veterinarian expenses that may come up, nor does it include transportation to/from your home or extra travel required, shipping costs if we run out of food, or additional products that may be needed (training collars, etc.).