2019 Price Increases

We're increasing some prices for better service!

Last year, we started getting a bit more help with our workload, and we've increased that even more in 2019 in order to provide improved services.  

Our expenses have also increased as we continue to invest in better technology and more reliable transportation.

Price increases will be noted on each respective page, but we wanted to have it all laid out here to make it a little easier.


Transportation/Travel Fee : $.55/mile ($5 minimum)  Effective on January 1st, 2019   (see link for transportation policies/info: Transportation)

Boarding only : $40/night   Effective on May 1st, 2019    Please note: only previous clients are eligible for boarding-only (see link for all boarding policies: About Boarding-Only)    

Refresher Training : $40/night + $20/training day  Price Effective on May 1st, 2019    (see link for policies/info: Refresher Training)

Board & Train Programs: $70/day   Price Effective on May 1st, 2019     (see link for policies/info: Board & Train Programs)



Policy changes of note regarding the above services:

Boarding OnlyPolicy Change: Effective Immediately, any stays booked for dates beyond January 1st, 2019 will require a $50 deposit to hold the reservation. 

Refresher TrainingPolicy Change: Effective Immediately, any stays including Refresher Training that are booked for dates beyond January 1st, 2019 will require a deposit of $50/week (instead of per stay), since they take up 2 spots toward our capacity.  Deposit Guide for 1 dog:  1-6 nights=$50, 7-13 nights=$100, 14-20 nights=$150, 21-27 nights=$200, 28-34 nights=$250